Day 7 - On the road a week and we are back in the US! - Today We traveled from the Calgary area to Billings MT. When we left the hotel in the Calgary area it was snowing and it snowed until we were about an hour and a half into MT. It then snowed on and off until we got to Billings. We had no issues transiting the border. It took about 5 minutes. My legs were not happy today. I think part of it was the length of the car ride yesterday. It was a 10 hour drive. I was a little freaked out because they were so horrible today. About half the sores were leaking and my legs hurt horrible today. I then noticed that I was peeing a lot today. I mentioned It to Mike and he said so was he. We finally figured out where we ate last night must have been really salty which caused me to retain water above and beyond what the Vasculitis is causing. Tonight they are much better. I am hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight I am sure that will help tons. 

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A beautiful sun set in Montana!


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Miles and Miles of white!!! It was flat so you can see a long way and it was just white looked odd.


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The beautiful lights coming down into Billings. When you approach Billings from the north it is down in a valley.