Day 6 - Our long day to the Calgary area! - We headed out this am head on a very long 10 hour long drive to the Calgary area in Albert. We had a bit of sun today but not much. What we got to see today is temps that never went below 15!!! Yay. It makes my legs much happier. They will be really happy when it is in the 50’s. I stopped at a quilt shoppe in Grand Praire today. It was a nice 20 min break from the car. It was a very long day but it was good. The one really funny thing that happened was we threw a wiper blade when Mike was driving. We had just stopped for gas and to potty the dogs. We got back on the road and Mike used the wipers to wash the windows, the drivers side wiper did some weird moves then flew off while going down the freeway. Luckily we had another set in the back. We pulled over into a rest area down the road and I put the new ones on! Hugs to all!

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The aftermath of throwing a wiper blade!!!


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The girls llunging in the car during the ride. I am not sure why the pictures look odd but o well.