Day 5 - The journey to Fort St John - We woke up in the am at the Northern Rockies Lodge loaded up and headed out. When we started it was lightly snowing. We had a very nice drive. It cleared up about half way to Fort St John. We crossed the continental divide. That is one of the narrower and windier sections of the road. I wanted a picture of the continental divide sign but could not find it. It is possible it was buried by snow. We saw some more wild life today and for the first time in the trip got to see temperatures that were above freezing for about the last half of the drive. We stopped and had lunch in Fort Nelson at an A & W it was awesome food Mike and I really enjoyed it! When we got close to Fort St John it started snowing lightly again. We decided that night to eat at a restaurant called Mr. Mike’s, I never knew my husband owns a chain of restaurants! 

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Some cuties we saw playing on the road today. The dogs went nuts about those too!


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Caution!!! Feed dogs ahead!! It looks like the symbol Bernina uses on their machines for feed dogs. It actually is for rough road. 


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This is Poutine!!! I got it at A&W it was amazing. It is crisp french fries with cheese curds and chicken gravy, YUMMY!