Day 4 - The drive to Muncho Lake and our stay at the lodge - Today we woke up in Whitehorse. Loaded up everything and headed out for the Northern Rockies Lodge at Muncho Lake. We had a beautiful day to drive it was sunny and blue skies. We got to see some wild life. Lots of bison. The dogs went nuts every time they saw them. The lodge is beautiful. We enjoyed a great dinner in the restaurant and had an awesome dessert it was carrot & cranberry cake with cream cheese frosting. I am going to have to figure out how to recreate it! It only got to 2 or 3 above 0 a couple of spots on the drive mostly it was around minus 10 or colder. And there was a 10 to 15 mile per hour wind which is just what you need at -10.

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Some of the bison pictures!!! I have lots more. I want one!


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Canadian Reeseā€™s are the best they use chocolate with no wax in it. They are awesome!