The last day in our Alaska Home! - On day 2 of our adventure we woke up at the hotel in Wasilla. We then went to breakfast with Mikes brother then we headed off to Fairbanks. Almost halfway there we got a call from the shipper. The movers had packed my 500 lb Koala Cabinet and a huge chunk ok my fabric into the first cube and they could not lift! We had to turn around and drive back to Anchorage To move stuff around. With the help of a friend we were able to move stuff around. It then took the shippers 2 hours to get the 5 cubes out of the driveway due to the ice. 

We had to cancel the Fairbanks portion of our trip. We left Anchorage about 9 pm to drive to Tok. On the way I hit a caribou with the van. Luckily the van is still drivable! We spent the night in Tok!

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A beautiful mountain on the way to Fairbanks 


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I love the mountains!


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The boo boo I did to the van!